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The benefits of the balneotherapy

The benefits of the balneotherapy

The balneotherapy is an ancient and widespread practice popular since the Renaissance; We know for example that Montaigne was an avid user of the Baths of Lucca in Italy. Balneotherapy refers to all the thermal treatments and is now accessible to everybody, thanks to the development of the modern spas becoming a place of relaxation and conviviality really popular. Indeed the balneotherapy at homeallows you to offer a unique and personalized massage in your own environment, with different ergonomics spaces according to your desires, dosing output of the different jets of water powers in getting several types of massage adjustable at will. Balneotherapy has somany fans today and it is neither for coincidence nor for a fantasy: the benefits are likely to start with that certain state of “letting go” that it becoming very popular in our frantic daily life.




High Quality Hot Tubs Made in France:

Aqua Relax is a French company which manufactures high quality hot tubs. All of our hot tubs are manufactured in France, and offer customers unique products built to a high standard with a range of finishes, designed around the latest technology and benefiting from ergonomic design.

AquaRelax offer a range of three- to six-seat hot tubs, and will soon introduce a sporting swimspa. All of our hot tubs are built with the latest technology in comfort and hygiene, with 24-hour filtration and Newater to keep the tub clean, while comfort options include shorter seats for women, moveable massage jets, and microsilk. For the aesthetes, there is a range of finishes to suit every taste, from Lucite acrylic to wooden or composite panels.

Plunge into an AquaRelax hot tub and discover a world of serenity and calm, with no stresses or daily annoyances. You will experience a unique level of relaxation which will revive you in both body and spirit. Enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy on your stress, on the quality of you sleep, on your concentration, on blood circulation, on muscle and toxins eliminations among others. Experiment with AquaRelax : take care of your body and feel your energy and well-being improve day by day.

Trust our French company and relax yourself thank to the revitalising and healthy benefits of water on your health. Aqua Relax -  balneotherapy products manufactured in France - offers quality spas and allows you to relax at home.